To keep your Android phone working smoothly, it's important to perform regular maintenance tasks such as cleaning the physical device, deleting unused apps, and clearing out old files. Customizing your home screen and adjusting settings to your liking can also enhance your experience. Use Digital Wellbeing features to manage your online time, install useful apps from reliable sources, and consider alternative messaging apps such as Sunbird for added security and encryption. Be cautious about sending private information via SMS, which is not encrypted by default.

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April 18, 2023
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Tips and Tricks for Android Users

You can do many things to keep your Android working, like the day you first brought it home. Just remember that spring cleaning can start anytime for your Android phone. It is important to remember that smartphones are a bit like cars because they need maintenance in order to work well and prevent problems down the road. The following Android tricks will deliver a smooth experience every time you pick up your phone or receive a message. 

Clean It Up

Keeping your Android phone physically clean has benefits. Keeping the screen wiped down and the plug-in port free of dirt and debris helps maintain the longevity of your phone. 

In addition, you need to set aside some time to go through your home screen and remove any apps that are not being used any longer. This will help to free up memory and keep your phone working well. To get rid of these apps, simply press the icon long enough that you see the uninstall option

After you’re done with this, make sure to clean up any old files as well to help free up storage. It is easy to forget about different files that have been downloaded, whether it is a menu or a gif someone sent. These files take up space. 

There is a files app preinstalled on your phone, and it is the quickest way to manage your files. Start by checking your download folder. Here you should be able to delete files or move them to cloud storage such as Google Drive. 

If this isn’t working for you, consider a file app, such as OnePlus 10 Pro’s File Manager, that will let you know which files are taking up the most space. 

Customize Your Home Screen 

Tweak your home screen settings so that the overall look of your phone remains unique to you. Some Android tips for customization include replacing the launcher your phone utilizes and installing icon packs. 

Start by adjusting your home screen settings first. Subtle tweaks in the settings can make your phone feel new. For example, changing the size of your grid can make a difference. You can also adjust how to view notifications. It is recommended to go through the settings of your phone and experiment with changes to the setup of your home screen. This will let you determine your preferences as an Android user. 

Optimize Settings

Also, don’t forget to personalize your phone by changing any settings that aren’t working for you. Go through your phone’s settings and make sure to tweak areas that are causing problems. One example is going to dark mode to make things look better and save on battery life. You can also stop some app icons from automatically popping up by following simple Android tricks. 

Use Digital Wellbeing Features With Your Android

Having a wealth of information at your fingertips can be wonderful until you spend nights doom-scrolling until it is time to go to work. Using Digital Wellbeing features to do a bedtime mode or to announce you have been on too long is a healthy way to manage your online time. 

This can also change your phone to black and white for those times you look at it in the middle of the night. You can select a Pause option to allow you more time before the settings kick in. 

There is also the Do Not Disturb mode, which allows your phone to go into silent mode for those times you need some peace and quiet. You can also make a separate Work Profile to keep all your productivity apps hidden while you try and relax. That is one of the best Android tips for a good work-life balance. 

Install Useful Apps From Other Sources

iOS requires you to use one company’s app store, whereas Android allows you to use multiple app stores. You can use Google Play and Amazon’s app store. When going this route, ensure you are getting the app from a reliable source and that there isn’t malware with it. You need to do your research. 

Messaging Android Tips

Customize your message notifications so that you have prominent messages highlighted and others grouped together. You can also set messages to come over other running apps. All of these Android tricks can be done in the settings area. As you send messages, remember that SMS isn’t encrypted by default, so don’t text private information that you don’t want to potentially be hacked. 

An iMessage Solution in Sunbird

One of the best Android tips is to not rely on built-in apps. For example, Sunbird is a good alternative to your built-in messaging. 

Sunbird provides full encryption of your SMS and other text messages. You can beef up your security with Sunbird. Sunbird allows for personal information to be protected and isn’t an open-source code, so it is harder to hack. In addition, it is available to Android users across the globe. Sunbird validates its security, encryption, and data policies through a third party to ensure your safety and the privacy of your messaging. 

Getting Sunbird set up on your Android device is quick and simple. You can get the app and add your account on iMessage in just a few minutes. In addition, Sunbird supports apps such as Facebook Messenger, iMessage, SMS/MMs, and WhatsApp. Down the road, Sunbird plans on supporting Telegram, Slack, Discord, Instagram DMs, and more. This way, an Android user can access all of their messages in a single app. 

Join the Waitlist for Sunbird

Sunbird is set for release in mid-summer 2023. Sunbird is ready to help answer your messaging needs. In the meantime, join the waitlist and the upcoming beta launch. As the spot opens, you will get an invite to the Google Play launch. 

Get on the waitlist for Sunbird today.  


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