Blue bubbles on your Android.

No Computer or Apple device needed!
Only your Android phone.

Plus a unified inbox for all your messages including WhatsApp, FB Messenger (Meta), SMS, and soon to come: Telegram, Discord, RCS, Slack, and more.

Introducing Sunbird.

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Sunbird Messaging App showing one inbox with conversations from iMessage, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, and more.

60 Second Setup

No complicated or complex technical workarounds.
No need to own any Apple products.

Secure & Private

Encrypted, secure, confidential messaging.

Unified Messaging

ALL of your messaging apps in one place.
‍Convenient and simple to use.
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What is the Sunbird Messaging App?
How can I use Sunbird?
How is Sunbird different from other unified messaging apps?
How safe is my data when I use the Sunbird App?
Is Sunbird available on the Google Play, or other app stores?
How fast is the Sunbird set up on my Android device?
Do I need a Mac or Apple device to make this work?
Does Sunbird use my data plan?
Does Sunbird work internationally?
Does Sunbird work without Wi-Fi?
Can Sunbird work in Airplane Mode?
How can I move up the waitlist? When will I get access to Sunbird?
Is there a way to backup or archive messages?
Can you send images/videos in full quality?
How much will Sunbird Cost?
Are there plans for a desktop client?
Will Sunbird work on a tablet?
Will the app be open source?
Can I use Sunbird on two devices with the same account details?
How do I know Sunbird is safe and secure?
What is Sunbird? What is Sunbird? What is Sunbird? What is Sunbird? What is Sunbird? What is Sunbird?

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